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Want To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards?

Posted by freegc on April 6, 2010 at 9:24 AM

Updated May 7, 2010

Want to earn $60 each month in Free Amazon Gift Cards or Free Paypal Money? Yes that's right FREE! Let me tell you how...

All you have to do is spend approximately 20 minutes every day viewing ads.

You can turn each $5 earned into an Amazon Gift Card or have as little as $1 sent to your Paypal account instantly.  

To get started please click on the Sign Up link below and verify your email. It's that simple!  

Note: only open to Residents of the USA age 13 or older.


Signed up? Yayyy! Now you are on your way to earning $2 a day!  Lets get started...

It is important to read your inbox messages right away.  They will tell you a lot of important things you should know, including how to sign up for the email clicks.

Email Clicks:

There are currently 50 email clicks worth 4 cents each.  Thats a total of 2 dollars!  The emails are sent to your email address every day at 9 pm PST or Midnight EST.  To complete each email and get credit, click on the link in the email, then after that page loads, click on 2 different links on that page, once both of those pages load, wait a couple of seconds and then you can move on to the next email.  

Daily Clicks

There are currently 21 daily clicks worth 1 cent each. 

To find the Daily Clicks, click on the OFFERS tab at the top of the screen, then in the BROWSE CATEGORIES drop down box choose DAILY CLICKS.  Click on the title of each daily click and a new page will open.   Once the page fully loads, click the submit button on the daily click and you will be credited instantly!  

That's It! That's all you have to do to earn $2.21 per day!

That's $806.65 per year of extra money that you can spend on anything you want!  I am a Stay At Home Mom and this will really help with my Christmas bill!

What are you waiting for?

Get Clicking Now!


Important to note:

You should clear your cookies at the end of every day so that your clicks will credit properly the next day,  

Your clicks can only be done once every 24 hours, so even if you do your email clicks earlier in the day than you did the day before, they won't credit until the 24 hour period is up.  Also, the daily clicks will show up 24 hours from the time you did them the day before.

There are also many, many offers that can be done on this site and many do them, I like to keep it simple with the daily clicks and email clicks.

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